A Perfect Blog post is going to help you build a better list which is why

we added this article about writing the perfect blog.

Thanks to our friends at buffer we now have a wonderful article that outlines every thing from the number of words there should be in the blog, how the headline should be designed and a raft of other tips.

The article begins with the author stating ” I can often get wrapped up in making sure that every little detail of a blog post is perfect. No doubt I could list way more than seven elements from perfect blog posts, but these seven seem to cover all the most important bases. Headline: the 6 words that count most, Storytelling hook Fewer characters per line at first Featured image Subheads for scanning Content and the 1,500-word sweet spot Soundbites for sharing”

Obviously a tonne of research went into this article and when I read it I had to share.

Go and have a read, it is great stuff….and yes, you got it, this post wouldn’t make the grade :0)

via The Research and Science Behind a Perfect Blog Post.